Jewelry Care & Repairs

Jewelry Care
1. Keep it dry.  Metal is affected by moisture as well as chemicals in soaps, swimming pools and from sweat.  Take your jewelry off when you swim, bathe, shower or exercise.

2. Store it in a safe place.  We suggest a cloth pouch, box or zip lock bag to prevent tarnish.  If it is something that may tangle easily, we suggest finding a safe place to hang the item.
3. When needed, clean your jewelry with a jewelry polishing cloth.
4. If it breaks, we'll fix it. We've got your back.

We stand behind the quality of our jewelry and are happy to offer repairs. Most repairs are simple and we do them for free. However, if your repair will require additional labour and/or parts, we will give you a quote before beginning the repair. Simply package up all the parts of your jewelry carefully, enclose a note with your return address and a contact phone number and send to us at: Attn: Repairs, 1406 Smith Road, Ste E, Austin, TX 78721. We will get it right back to you.